Grapevine Updates for September 2019

Posted on 30 Sep 2019 by Eric Oestrich

The last month of Grapevine has picked up pace, I’ve been working through a lot of little things here and there to get back into the development groove.

If you’re new please check out the ExVenture & Grapevine Patreon page and consider supporting to help pay for servers or get your own hosted instance of ExVenture!

Links for ExVenture & Grapevine:

Mobile Client

I started on a mobile client for Grapevine. This uses react native and connects similarly as the web client. This means it will proxy everything through my servers. I am going to head this route because it will be significantly less development to have a web client and a mobile client going if they use the same telnet backing code.

I haven’t spent a ton of time of it yet, but after a few hours I have it connecting, displaying, and sending text to a real game. It’s pretty encouraging.

Grapevine's mobile client

Hosted Sites

I spent a bit of time working on the settings for a hosted site. I mostly wanted to figure out how to allow for safe markdown display based on input from anyone. I got this working by finding a library that will strip text down to only markdown allowed tags.

See Spigot’s hosted site.

Spigot's hosted site

IO Lists

After ElixirConf this year I switched Spigot to using IO lists instead of strings. This got a pretty great speed boost, which you can read more about on the SmartLogic Blog.

Small Tweaks

  • Receive an alert anytime your game has a failed scrape
  • Admin panel for channels
  • Fix bug when creating a new game and adding an image
  • gossip-elixir is on latest telemetry
  • API for the games page
  • Record timestamp of activity through the web client
  • Social fields on a game
  • Generic events
  • List current events on the homepage
  • Display the play button even when signed out
  • Rate limit channel sends


We have a few new patrons this month, welcome! Thanks for supporting both ExVenture and Grapevine. If you would like to support both projects, check out the Patreon.

Titans of Text has had a lot of episodes come out. If you’re in the MUD community and want to be on an episode, reach out to us! We want to have you on.

Next Months

Next month is NaMuBuMo, so I will hopefully be working on a world for that. I’ve been playing around with a file based format for running a game, as a twist to ExVenture. We’ll see if it sticks, but I like where it’s headed.

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