Introducing Squabble, Simple Leadership Election

Posted on 10 Sep 2018 by Eric Oestrich

As part of my ElixirConf talk, I showed off Squabble my new Elixir package for selecting a leader in your cluster. Squabble uses the leadership election part of the Raft Protocol. This was pulled out of ExVenture, my clustering text based multi-player game server.

What is this?

Squabble takes the leadership election part of Raft and plugs it into your Erlang/Elixir nodes. Each node has a single Squabble process that communicates with the other Squabble processes across the cluster.

Together they vote for a leader and track the other nodes coming and going. Whenever a leader is selected, a callback module you provide is called on the new leader node. This lets you do a single set of work across the cluster.

Why do I want this?

ExVenture uses this to rebalance the stateful virtual world. The world is broken up into zones (think of a whole city as a zone) and they can be pushed across the cluster. When a node goes down it takes down part of the world. The leader notices this and then detects which zones are not alive across the cluster and spins them up again.

Why not use the Raft package?

This is separate from the Raft Elixir package, it is trying to do something different. I want a simple system that only picks a leader node in my cluster. I don’t need a log or anything else that comes with the Raft protocol.

This is not intended as a replacement for the Raft elixir package.

How do I use this?

Setting up Squabble is pretty simple. First You add it to your supervision tree after your application is clustered. You can cluster your nodes with libcluster.

This is the setup ExVenture uses.

children = [
  {Cluster.Supervisor, [topologies, [name: ExVenture.ClusterSupervisor]]},
  {Squabble, [subscriptions: [Game.World.Master], size: @cluster_size]},
  # ...

Supervisor.start_link(children, opts)

When the leader is selected, the World.Master is invoked to rebalance the cluster and start the world. Any a node dies, the World.Master will see what is no longer alive in the cluster and start those processes again.

defmodule Game.World.Master do
  @behaviour Squabble.Leader

  @impl true
  def leader_selected(term) do
    GenServer.cast(__MODULE__, :rebalance_zones)

  def handle_cast(:rebalance_zones, state) do

  defp rebalance_zones() do
    # finds alive zones and determines which are not started,
    # and starts them


I hope you give Squabble a look. It doesn’t fit all needs, but for a simple set of callbacks in a small cluster it works very well. Check it out and help make Squabble even better!

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