ExVenture Update November 2017

Posted on 01 Nov 2017 by Eric Oestrich

The last month for ExVenture has seen mostly metrics improvements and some client additions. There is also a new website for it at exventure.org. You can see the latest additions here on MidMUD, my running instance of ExVenture.


Grafana Dashboard

I started looking into Prometheus for work and started adding in metrics for various aspects of ExVenture. Some of the metrics include:

  • exventure_command_parsed_in_microseconds
  • exventure_command_ran_in_microseconds
  • exventure_command_bad_parse_total
  • exventure_player_count
  • exventure_session_total
  • exventure_login_total
  • exventure_login_failure_total
  • exventure_new_character_total


The server also supports GMCP now, either through normal telnet or the web client. The web client has it pushed over as a special websocket event. GMCP Modules now supported are:

  • Character
  • Character.Vitals
  • Room.Info
  • Room.Characters.Enter
  • Room.Characters.Leave
  • Target.Character
  • Target.Clear
  • Zone.Map

More information about these can be found on the wiki.


New Client

The updated web client uses the new GMCP pushes to allow stat bars and a side bar with room information and a mini map.


Maps got a fairly big update in that multiple layers are supported, there are doors now, and you can go up and down. Multiple layers allow things like going under a bridge or heading up to the second floor of a house.

Doors are now in place and prevent movement between rooms if they are closed, obviously. They are indicated with a = for closed and / for open states.

Finally up and down are movement directions. There isn’t map indication yet, but I want to add something similar to this:

|[ >|
|   |
|< ]|

Next Month

I want to add more in terms of NPC interaction. I started on an event system for NPCs that can really only respond to things it hears and when a character enters a room. I want to add in targetting and combat back from NPCs.

A few people have signed into the game and I get to see what they attempt to do and failed at. I think a goal every month will be to continue to smooth out things that people are attempting to do.

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