Using Ranch with Elixir

Posted on 12 Jul 2017 by Eric Oestrich

I started playing around with ranch yesterday and didn’t see any examples on how to use it with Elixir, or an example with a GenServer. I finally managed to get it going, here is how I did it.

Start ranch

I have this module being started as a worker for my application. This will kick off the listener.

defmodule App do
  def start_link() do
    :ranch.start_listener(make_ref(), :ranch_tcp, [{:port, 5555}], App.GenProtocol, [])

The first parameter is a reference, I couldn’t find any explanation on how it’s used so I went with make_ref. The other thing that matters is the App.GenProtocol part, which is the callback module that ranch will use for starting new connections.

Ranch Protocol

This part is fairly simple to get going as a non-GenServer process, but I really wanted to use GenServer since it handles a lot of extras for me. The tricky part was using :proc_lib to start the module and then entering the :gen_server.enter_loop after hooking up to the socket.

To note, the transport variable is :ranch_tcp which ends up calling into that erlang module.

defmodule App.GenProtocol do
  use GenServer

  @behaviour :ranch_protocol

  def start_link(ref, socket, transport, _opts) do
    pid = :proc_lib.spawn_link(__MODULE__, :init, [ref, socket, transport])
    {:ok, pid}

  def init(ref, socket, transport) do
    IO.puts "Starting protocol"

    :ok = :ranch.accept_ack(ref)
    :ok = transport.setopts(socket, [{:active, true}])
    :gen_server.enter_loop(__MODULE__, [], %{socket: socket, transport: transport})

  def handle_info({:tcp, socket, data}, state = %{socket: socket, transport: transport}) do
    IO.inspect data
    transport.send(socket, data)
    {:noreply, state}
  def handle_info({:tcp_closed, socket}, state = %{socket: socket, transport: transport}) do
    IO.puts "Closing"
    {:stop, :normal, state}

This will create a simple echo server. You can connect via telnet with telnet localhost 5555. It is very easy to extend this to perform more complex actions.


$ mix run --no-halt
Compiling 1 file (.ex)
Starting protocol
$ telnet localhost 5555
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
telnet> Connection closed.
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