S3 Upload Script for Images

Posted on 04 Nov 2014 by Eric Oestrich

I wanted a way to upload screenshots quickly to something I had control of. This is a small script that I placed in my PATH and the XFCE launcher. It uploads to S3 and auto deletes after a week.

Setting up S3

Create a bucket with the same name as your domain, e.g. img.example.com. Create a CNAME for img.example.com to img.example.com..s3.amazonaws.com..

To have photos automatically deleted after 7 days open the S3 properties for the bucket. Expand the lifecycle tab and add a rule. Select the whole bucket and permanently delete after 7 days.

S3 properties

S3 properties for the bucket

Place the following script in a folder in your PATH. I have ~/bin in my path for such a case. You will need to change the HOST, access_key_id, and secret_access_key.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'aws-sdk'
require 'securerandom'
require 'clipboard'
require 'uri'

HOST = "img.example.com"

  :access_key_id => '...',
  :secret_access_key => '...',

if ARGV.length == 0
  puts "Please run with a file"
  sleep 5

s3 = AWS::S3.new
bucket = s3.buckets[HOST]

# So many different ways because when you drop an image on a
# launcher for XFCE it adds `file://` in front of it.
if ARGV[0] =~ /file:\/\//
  file = URI.decode(URI.parse(ARGV[0]).path)
elsif ARGV[0] =~ /\A\//
  file = Pathname.new(ARGV[0])
  file = File.join(Dir.pwd, ARGV[0])

file_name = "#{SecureRandom.uuid}#{File.extname(file)}"

object = bucket.objects[file_name]
object.write(File.read(file), {
  :acl => :public_read,
  :reduced_redundancy => true

url = "http://#{HOST}/#{file_name}"

Clipboard.copy url
puts url

sleep 5
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