REST Fest - 3 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Posted on 12 Sep 2012 by Eric Oestrich

This post was originally published on the SmartLogic Blog.

Rest Fest 2012

I am pretty excited about attending REST Fest this week. I am most looking forward to the following:

Getting together with other API developers

Being able to hang out with other developers who are interested in APIs is definitely the thing I’m most looking forward to. I want to absorb as much information as I can from this event.

Hacking on Frenetic

On the Thursday Hack day I want to play around with the gem Frenetic, Right now it’s kinda awkward to use it as a client because it requires a crazy amount of chaining. I would like to be able to knock that down a lot.


In addition to getting the previous command shorter, Frenetic doesn’t seem to give you easy accessors to the links that the API returns.

Talking more about Raddocs and RAD

Since I’m going to be giving a 5in5 talk when I attend REST Fest, it’s the perfect opportunity to put Raddocs and RAD in front of other developers faces. I will be giving a modified version of my “cURLin’ for Docs” presentation.

Looking forward to heading to Greenville! Tweet me @ericoestrich if you want to meet up when we’re there.

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